Installation at Rocky Moutain College of Art and Design, Denver, 2017

Upward flying lock, 2017

Heart cave, 2017

Equal standing, 2017

Nose gaze, 2017
Installation at Savannah College of Art and Design, 2015
Practitioner (Sadhaka), 2015

The Cithara and the Aulos, Installation at Brooklyn Academy of Music, 2016

Hand of Devi, 2016

Installation at (harbor), Regina Rex, 2015

Fat monochrome with cowlick, 2015

Fat monochrome with roof and loops, 2015
Installation at Topless, with sculptures by Carey Denniston, and sound installation by Hanne Lippard, 2015
Subtle body, 2016
Artist book publised by Small Editions, NY, Edition of 100, 2 APs